Warehouse Workers for Amazon, Walmart and logistics companies: Ontario Work Injury News

Ontario work injury lawyers for warehouse workers Cleveland MetzWarehouse workers for Amazon, Walmart and other logistics companies are facing greater pressure as brick-and-mortar store jobs disappear and automation steps up the pace.

We have represented many Amazon, Walmart and other warehouse employees in Ontario California. We hear these stories from the injured workers at Amazon, Walmart and temporary agencies that send workers to warehouse distribution centers all the time.

It isn’t just Amazon, we see warehouse employees all over Ontario and the Inland Empire working under difficult conditions while they have suffered injuries at work. If you or someone close to you has been injured at work in a warehouse and are being pressured to work while injured, your employer is not following your work restrictions or you are being pressured to not report your injuries, call us for a free consultation to discuss your rights and benefits under California Worker’s Compensation law.

This is a great video story on our changing work environment as automation puts more and more pressure on workers to work faster and under more difficult conditions.

Work injuries for Ontario warehouse workers Cleveland MetzAccording to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2017, warehousing and storage jobs were more dangerous than coal mining, construction, and logging. You or a loved one have been injured in a warehouse related accident, call us to discuss your rights and benefits if if you have any questions, our consultations are free.

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