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Do your research and choose wisely.

Find out what injured workers in the Inland Empire say about the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz by researching our  Work Injury Lawyers & Accident Attorney Reviews . Click on any thumbnail to read our clients experiences and reviews of our law firm and services.

Our history of  Internet reviews goes back over 10 years. The vast majority of our reviews reflect our dedication to representing work injury and accident victims.There is no substitute for  local representation and experience.

 If you or a family member or friend is an injured worker,  getting through the Worker’s Compensation system has enough problems without picking the wrong lawyer to add to them. The Internet is full of dishonest lawyer advertising. If your research leads you to a lawyer website with all 5 star reviews that all went up recently, those reviews are are probably fake. If the website you find does not identify the lawyer that will represent you,  skip it and do more research. Beware of lawyer advertisers that will ship you off to any lawyer that pays their advertising fees, inexperienced lawyers claiming to be the best or out of town lawyers claiming to be local with fake office locations  

Verify any lawyer’s years of experience and address at the California State Bar website.

Do your research, choose wisely, Choose a local Certified Specialist and experienced Trial Lawyer.

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