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Since 1997 the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz has been successfully representing Injured Workers and Accident Victims in Workers’ Compensation cases and Personal Injury Accident cases.


We handle all types of work injury accidents and workers compensation in California as well as those Facebook reviews Cleveland Metzrelated to diseases and repetitive motion traumas. The Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz is dedicated to providing the best workers compensation representation possible for work injury victims. We fight to achieve the best legal result for personal injury accident victims and workers compensation clients. As California workers compensation attorneys we have successfully represented clients in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties areas. We limit our practice to Workers’ Compensation Injuries & Personal Injury Accidents. Over the past 36 combined years the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz have handled thousands of work injury cases, many involving serious workers compensation injuries.

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We have recovered over $100 million dollars for injured workers and accident victims. If you have suffered

work injury, you are or may be entitled to the workers compensation benefits. The California Workers’ Compensation law and system was drastically changed in 2004 and 2012 against you to benefit the work comp insurance comLawyer review John Metzpanies. You need an expert California workers compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz to help you navigate the California workers compensation laws and maze and fairly resolve your work injury claim. Do not rely on the workers compensation insurance company or their workers compensation lawyers defending them.

If you are the victim of a work injury, work related trauma, or a personal injury accident, the amount of workers compensation benefits or accident compensation you receive for an injury can vary drastically depending on a successful prosecution of your case by your workers compensation lawyerWork injury attorney review, accident lawyer review. At the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz, a California Workers’ Compensation attorney or Personal Injury lawyer can get you the results you deserve. You need the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz, a California workers compensation law firm with the proven work comp and personal injury experience with a
tnacious approach to successfully protect your workers compensation rights and personal injury accident compensation. All of our fees are
on a contingency meaning if you don’t win, neithe do we. Ifthere is no recovery, there is no attorney fee.

John Metz is an experienced Jury Trial Attorney.

Charles Cleveland is a Certified Specialist in Workers Compensation Law
with The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

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