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Put an experienced local highly experienced work comp attorney on your side. We file all of our Worker’s Compensation cases at the POMONA Worker’s Compensation appeals board near Chino Hills California. Contact Cleveland & Metz today. Our Inland Empire office has served the Chino Hills community for 22 years. Our office is easily located 21 miles from Chino Hills. We have devoted our careers to  representing injured workers from Chino Hills. The Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz has over 47 years of combined experience helping Chino Hills injured workers with their Work Comp cases. Whether your wotk injury is the result of a specific incident, or a repetitive injury that occurred over time or even if your case is denied, Cleveland & Metz can help you.

If you live in Chino Hills , it’s very likely your case will be filed at the Pomona Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board where we have 22 years of experience. Workers Compensation Attorneys Cleveland & Metz will get the job done. Choose wisely, there are dozens of inexperienced and out-of-town lawyers advertising in the West End of San Bernardino County. If you’re considering an advertisement that does not identify an actual lawyer, you’re probably making a big mistake.

Whether you’ve sustained a routine work injury or suffered a serious injury which changes your life and career, Chino Hills Work Injury Lawyers Charles Cleveland and John Metz will get the job done. Call Cleveland & Metz at (909) 980-9703. You can contact us directly by e-mail by Clicking Here

Let Cleveland & Metz guide you through the Workers Comp system!