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Injured at work? Do you have a Plan? Call Cleveland & John Metz

A work injury can be a life-changing event and you need an experienced Work Comp Attorney on your side.

Ontario Injury Lawyers Cleveland & Metz

Workers Compensation Lawyers Charles Cleveland and John Metz are dedicated solely to Workers Compensation practice representing Ontario injured workers for past two decades at the same location. Our office is conveniently located minutes from Ontario in the West End of San Bernardino County. Cleveland & Metz has over 50 years of combined experience helping Ontario injured workers with their Work Comp cases. Whether your injury is the result of a specific incident, or a repetitive injury that occurred over time or even if your case is denied, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz can help you. All Consultations are free. 

Choose wisely.The communities of San Bernardino County are saturated with ads for out-of-town lawyers promising to fight for you. Before you click on a shiny website or call a catchy one 800 number on a bus, look into a local attorney who will file your case locally. Choosing the right lawyer is important, if you pick an out-of-town lawyer your case will likely be filed very far from your home and you will likely never meet or speak with that lawyer. Verify that lawyers years of experience and address for free at the California State Bar website here. Cleveland & Metz, we are the lawyers that can help you with your case. We can also tell you if you don’t need a lawyer and can give you free advice on what to do next.

Whether you’ve sustained a routine work accident or suffered a serious or repetitive injury which changes your life and career, Work Injury Lawyers Charles Cleveland and John Metz have been here with you in the same location for the past 22 years. Call us at (909) 980-9703 any time, a live person will answer.. You can contact us directly by e-mail by clicking here.