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The state of California Worker’s Compensation insurance rating Bureau continues to target workers who have wear-and-tear claims as being unnecessary. When you work at a job for an extended amount of time and you were out your back, your knees, your shoulders or your hands, that is not part of your work, that is a repetitive work injury claim. Your wages are for your time and effort, not for your body parts. If you have worn out your body in the service of your employer which results in injury, contact a work injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your rights. If you think that work has caused your injury, you have one year to file an application from the date of knowledge.

The WCIRB continues to target cumulative trauma claims as a growing problem and often dismisses the claims as frivolous and unnecessary. They want to do away with these claims so they don’t have to pay them.

The WCIRB describes those suffering from cumulative trauma as workers who don’t speak English, make less than $500 per week and work in the hospitality and manufacturing industries, mainly in Southern California.

That’s who they are on paper.

These are the real faces of cumulative trauma, click the link below for additional information.:

The real faces of cumulative trauma and repetitive work injuries

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