WORK INJURIES AT HOME: Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Fontana, San Bernardino and all inland Empire cities

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Covid has many of us working from home.  While we connect remotely with the employer, we will still face work hazards on the home front.  It is very important to understand that injuries occurring at home while on the clock with your employer are still covered by California’s Workers’ Compensation Laws. 

The types of injuries we see at home are the same types we see at job sites.  They include specific injuries such as trips and falls or lifting injuries.  We also see repetitive work injuries to the upper extremities, such as daily keyboarding.   The reality as a worker is exposed to very similar harms while working from home as they would be at a work site. 

If you are injured at home while on the clock for your employer, you are entitled to exactly the same benefits as if you were injured at the work site.  These include medical care, money wile you are off work and in treatment, a settlement if you have a permanent impairment and job re-training.   It is important to report your injury to your employer and it is also important to seek immediate legal advice. (Author John Metz has specialized in Workers’ Compensation for 27 years.  He has done hundreds of trials and has handled many thousands of Workers’ Compensation cases as a Partner at Cleveland and Metz.)

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