Work Injury Lawyers Cleveland Metz following CDC guidelines to serve injured workers

Cleveland Metz wanted to reach out to you during what we know to be historic and evolving situation, due in part to the outbreak of the novel corona-virus (COVID-19). We also understand that many of you are left wondering about the status of your case or how to file the claim during this difficult time if you need to initiate a Worker’s Compensation claim.

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We are OPEN and following CDC guidelines to continue to develop safe business measures to make sure our clients continue to receive benefits like total temporary disability TTD during the pandemic. Our staff is still working full time and some remotely with our clients to safely and promptly assist to new and existing injured workers. Keep in mind our clients, staff and injured workers’ safety come first and are taking all precautionary, preventative practices. If you need any help with a Worker’s Compensation claim, we can handily your needs by electronic mail, SMS texting, facsimile and telephone but are limiting in-person contact pursuant to CDC guidelines for your safety and ours.

For more information go to trusted sources like the CDC website:

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