Why pick a Workers Compensation Attorney near San Bernardino?

Why pick a Work Injury Lawyer near San Bernardino?

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If you are a San Bernardino County resident and you have been injured on the job or in an accident, you are likely going to need a workers’ compensation attorney to guide you process. If you don’t need a lawyer, you need someone who can honestly tell you that. There are consequences to filing a Worker’s Compensation claim, you need an attorney that will tell you the pros and cons based on your situation. On-the-job injuries and accidents which result in more than first aid generally need a work injury lawyer to advise the injured worker on choosing the right workers compensation doctor, filing the correct documents with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board, and maximizing a worker’s compensation settlement or trial decision in San Bernardino County.

An established and local work comp lawyer can advise you with a wealth work injury experience. There are several pitfalls to picking your work comp lawyer. Many people who suffer on-the-job work injuries search the Internet or see work injury lawyer television commercials then tend to pick the first work injury lawyer that pops up. The problem with these workers compensation attorneys is that these work comp lawyers are generally not local and will likely not give your work injury case the attention it deserves. As a general rule, when you find a workers compensation attorney advertising on television or paid ads on the Internet across the state, this is probably not a local workers compensation lawyer. Many times that work comp attorney is located far away and will not file your work comp injury case close to your home or anywhere near the Inland Empire. You may want to take a drive by the address to see if the office is even real.

An easy way to find out where the work injury attorney is actually located is to go to the California State Bar website attorney information page and find out where the workers compensation attorney is actually located, there are links at the bottom of this page to assist you. If you are calling a work injury lawyer referral service, ask for the complete name of the workers compensation lawyer who will be representing you so that you can find out where that work comp lawyer is located and that lawyers level of experience before you choose a work injury attorney.

 If that work injury lawyer does not have an address in San Bernardino County, then you should probably choose a local and experienced workers compensation lawyer that serves injured workers in your local community. Hiring a work comp attorney that is outside of the Inland Empire will likely compound the already difficult situation facing an injured worker with a pending work compensation case.

The Worker’s Compensation attorney in San Bernardino County that you choose should have many years of experience in the field of work related injuries. Pick a Certified Specialist in Worker’s Compensation Law with the California State Bar to ensure the knowledge and experience that you need for your case. This would include the proper identification of work related injuries, the filing of workers compensation cases and be familiar with all phases of workers compensation litigation all the way through the trial or settlement of work injury cases. The work injury attorney near San Bernardino should also be a member of the California Applicant Attorneys Association which provides the highest level of education for work injury lawyers and provide advocacy for injured workers in the legislature. Workers compensation attorneys that are members of this organization actually fight for the rights of injured workers by attorney participation and not just the empty words in their advertising.

If you live somewhere else in Southern California and have been injured at work, the same advice applies and you can find a reputable workers compensation attorney at the California Applicant Attorneys Association website. Handling your own work comp case is not recommended unless you have years of workers compensation legal experience. It’s like buying a do-it-yourself surgery kit.

An experienced and local workers compensation lawyer in San Bernardino County can give you proper work injury lawyer advice  to ensure you are treated fairly by the insurance company. Remember, the  insurance companies have experienced lawyers, so should you.

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