San Bernardino Repetitive Work Injuries and Workers Compensation Claims

Repetitive Work Injuries and Workers Compensation Claims in San Bernardino County

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Many San Bernardino County workers suffer wear and tear injuries that occur over time. Whether you’re an Amazon or Target warehouse worker who suffers back and shoulder pain from repetitive lifting, bending and stooping, whether your a laborer working for a temporary work agency who develops knee pain, if you’re a concrete worker that develops lung or skin diseases, remember that your wages pay for your time and effort, not your body parts.

San Bernardino Repetitive Work Injuries and Workers Compensation Claims ClevelandMetzMany San Bernardino injured workers who suffer wear and tear and repetitive job duty injuries are sometimes called frauds by the workers compensation insurance company but this is not the case. Just because your injury is not the result of some specific incident that took place at work, doesn’t mean that you do not have a valid workers compensation claim.

The State Auditor released a report in December 2017 showing fraudulent claims by workers accounted for only 2 percent of the nearly $1 billion in unpunished fraud.

Furthermore, the Department of Insurance’s annual report showed only 626 cases of claimant fraud in fiscal year 2017-18. There were 691,211 injuries reported in 2017 and 682,160 in 2018. Even taking the lower number, claimant fraud amounted to less than .1 percent.

The WCIRB has been targeting workers filing cumulative trauma claims for years. They’ve described those suffering from cumulative trauma as workers who don’t speak English, make less than $500 per week and work in the hospitality and manufacturing industries, mainly in Southern California – essentially blaming low-income immigrant workers for getting injured while working the toughest jobs.

That’s who they are on paper. These videos show the real faces of cumulative trauma. For their sake and for the sake of all injured workers facing the negative image associated with filing a workers’ compensation claim, the facts matter.

If you have a wear and tear injury, and injury due to some exposure to chemicals or noise, or any type of injury that occurred over time at your job, call us for a free consultation and evaluation.

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