Work injury medical care


Work injury lawyer Fontana RialtoOne of the main complaints I hear when interviewing a new client is their unhappiness with the medical care provided by the employer.  Typically, the employer will initially send an injured worker to a basic first aid medical facility no matter the seriousness of the injury.  It is important for injured workers to understand that 30 days after the injury, they can select a specialist of their choice off of the insurance company’s list of doctors.

This is where my expertise becomes very important.  I have over 30 years of experience in the field of Worker’s Compensation, 27 as a lawyer specializing in representing injured workers.  I know all the doctors. I know the good doctors and the bad doctors, and sadly, there are bad doctors.  The key is to pick the right specialist who can help the injured worker obtain the best treatment despite a very conservative health care system.  My goal is to match the best doctor for each injured worker on a case by case basis. 

John K. Metz is a Partner at Cleveland and Metz.  He is a seasoned trial lawyer with over 27 years of experience in Workers’ Compensation

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