COVID-19 and Working from Home

COVID-19 and the American Workplace

As a result of the pandemic, drastic changes have taken place to the American workplace. Many of us are working from home, using remote workstations and other safety precautions for social distancing guidelines. If you had a work-related injury from either a specific incident or injury that occurred over time before you were sent home for remote work we can handle these cases for you. Remember if you are hurt at home while working remotely or at some other remote telecommuting system, this is the same as any other Worker’s Compensation claim or work injury.

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Contact our office for additional information. All paperwork can be handled electronically or by some other safe method if you need to initiate a case. Below are helpful links for new regulations and sources of help for employees that have been furloughed, sent to work at home, or need to use the family medical leave act FMLA. The US Department of Labor is offering new information for you here. The links are both English and Spanish.

Contact our office during business hours or electronically for additional information or to initiate your work injury claims process whether it occurred before or after the pandemic began. 

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