Important Information Regarding Your Return To Work Supplement Fund Check And The Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher, Ontario California

The Return to Work Supplement Fund check for $5,000 does not have to be applied to school expenses. Contact the Worker’s Compensation lawyers at Cleveland Metz for more specific information or a free consultation.

The $5,000 check from the Return-To-Work Fund is a wage loss benefit, and injured workers are entitled to it because they have a job loss. Sometimes people are confused because the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit starts the timeline. However, it is not a school-related benefit, so injured workers can use it to get back on their feet when they’re behind on their bills, they can fix their car, put the money toward bills or rent, or even a down payment on a house. They can use that money for whatever they need. It is not for training.

$5000 check return to work fund Ontario California ClevelandMetzWe have found that many injured workers think or were misinformed by their legal representatives that the $5,000 is for training and therefore they don’t want to apply because they don’t want to go to school and the insurance companies end up saving millions of dollars because of this miscommunication.

In addition, many injured workers believe they must enroll in school or they do not qualify for the $5,000 check from RTWSF. They do not have to go to school to apply and receive their check.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) Voucher is a voucher offered to people who are injured on the job, and their employer fails to provide any other suitable job for them. It aims to help people restart their career and find a job they are suitable for.

How Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) Voucher Works?

If you are eligible for a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) Voucher, you will be able to get the voucher on form 10133.32. In case you are found eligible, a claims administrator must complete information available on the first page. The second page should contain details of whether you are using the assistance of a vocational return to work counselor, a training provider, or a training school or college that will help you to further your career. On the third page, you can request an advance or reimbursement regarding miscellaneous expenses for up to $500. The fourth page is for seeking reimbursement for books, tools, tuition, computer equipment, or any such things you might have used to enhance your skills. Make sure that you add any receipts and documentation of such expenses before submitting this page to the claims administrator.

Seek the Help of a Vocational Counselor

You also need help and guidance as far as dealing with government agencies or form filling is concerned. I highly recommend that you retain a vocational counselor to help you use your supplemental job displacement voucher and obtained your $5000 return to work fund payment. There are many rules involved in the system and a misstep can be costly.

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