Vocational rehabilitation for injured workers

I recently answered this question on AVVO.com  regarding the current state of vocational rehabilitation and job retraining for injured workers. I hope you find this information on Worker’s Compensation benefits helpful.


Actual vocational rehabilitation and job retraining went away in 2009 with a sunset provision that was included in Senate Bill 899 and that was only for injuries before 2005. For injuries after 2005, you are stuck with the voucher system which provides a minimal amount of vocational rehabilitation benefit ranging from $4000-$10,000 depending on your level of disability. For dates of injury between 2005 and 2012, you can settle your voucher for a cash value in a compromise and release. For injuries in 2013 and after, you must take the voucher and cannot put it into any settlement. If you wish to use your voucher, speak with your attorney and he will arrange a counselor to work with you on it.

profile2If you need assistance or further explanation regarding your vocational rehabilitation and job retraining benefits please contact my office and we can help you.