Workers Compensation: Legislation Update from CAAA


Over 2,500 bills were introduced in the legislature before this year’s deadline. As usual, there are a number of bills related to workers’ compensation. And, as usual, CAAA has jumped into the fray with our own ideas for fixing the system.

We mentioned last week that we wouldn’t take Governor Jerry Brown’s veto as the final word on fighting for equity for those injured on the job, and we meant it. Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) introduced Senate Bill 731, CAAA-sponsored legislation to eliminate bias in apportionment. Specifically, the bill would “prohibit consideration of race, religious creed, color, national origin, age, gender, marital status, sex, sexual identity, sexual orientation, or genetic characteristics to determine the approximate percentage of the permanent disability caused by other factors” before and after the industrial injury.

We also understand the profound negatWork injury lawyer news Cleveland Metzive impact injured workers suffer when they don’t get the medical care they need after an injury. Assemblymember Kansen Chu (D-San Jose) and Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes (D-San Bernardino) co-authored CAAA-sponsored Assembly Bill 1107 to combat these ever-growing delays in care and to ensure people who suffer job-related injuries receive their benefits in a timely manner.

There are several other bills of interest we’ll be monitoring over the next several weeks, some looking to support and others to defeat. CAAA’s political consultants, members and staff will be meeting with legislators to cut through the clutter and get our bills to Governor Newsom’s desk where we’re hoping he’ll sign them for the betterment of workers everywhere. It’s what we all want, right?