Remember Injured Workers this Labor Day.

As our country looks to celebrate the achievements of the labor movement this coming weekend along with the hard work Americans put in every day, we remind everyone to remember those who get injured on the job.  They are living with massive delays in obtaining medical care that keep them from returning to the job they need. California has the slowest workers’ Read more about Remember Injured Workers this Labor Day.[…]

5 Steps to Handle your Work Injury

Below are 5 simplified steps to get you on your way to handling your work injury claim Many of our clients have asked us to come up with a simple road map to pass to injured workers. The process can be complicated and we are here to help you through it from beginning to conclusion. Read more about 5 Steps to Handle your Work Injury[…]

Denied Fontana Work Injury Claims

  Call    Email    Text  Map What if my Fontana workers compensation claim has been denied? In the California workers’ compensation system, the work comp adjuster can place your claim on delay status for up to 90 days from the date of the defendant’s receipt of your comp claim for investigation. Within this 90-day delay Read more about Denied Fontana Work Injury Claims[…]

Worker’s Compensation News for Ontario May 21, 2019

Worker’s Compensation News for Ontario May 22, 2019   Call    Email    Text  Map The California State Senate voted 38-0 Senate Bill 731, by Sen. Steven Bradford, D-Gardena, would prohibit consideration of race, age, gender, sex or genetic characteristics when apportioning permanent disability to non-industrial factors. Under current law in Apportionment in California workers‘ compensation, and evaluating physician, like a Read more about Worker’s Compensation News for Ontario May 21, 2019[…]