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WORK INJURY? Call Charles Cleveland y John Metz

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Work injury lawyer near Fontana

A  work injury can be a life-changing event and you need an experienced Fontana work comp attorney on your side. We are located in Rancho Cucamonga right next to Fontana about 20 minutes from downtown Fontana. We have served the Fontana area for 25 years from the same location. Get a free consultation near Fontana with a Especialista certificado en derecho de indemnización laboral at Cleveland & Metz for an experienced local Fontana lawyer familiar with the MPN doctors and qualified medical evaluators (QME) near Fontana. 

Call Fontana Work Injury Attorneys Charles Cleveland and John Metz at the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz today,  a real person, not a robot, will answer your call anytime. Our Fontana area attorney office is dedicated solely to Fontana Workers Compensation practice representing Fontana injured workers. The Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz has over 50 years of combined local Fontana experience near you helping Fontana injured workers with their Work Comp cases.

Whether your  work injury is the result of a specific incident, or a wear & tear repetitive injury that occurred over time or even if your case is denied, the Fontana work injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz can help you. If you have suffered a  work related injury, it is critical that you have an experienced and local  Fontana Workers Compensation Lawyer working to protect your rights. 

Fontana Work injury lawyers Cleveland MetzThere is a lot of lawyer advertising in Fontana, mostly with fake reviews or addresses, out-of-town law offices or inexperienced lawyers claiming to be the best. Do your own research, verify the name, experience and true location of any lawyer Aquí.

Ya sea que haya sufrido una lesión laboral de rutina en Fontana o haya sufrido una lesión grave que cambie su vida y su carrera, Abogados de Lesiones Laborales de Fontana Charles Cleveland y John Metz will represent you in your claim against the workers compensation insurance company at a Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) near Fontana . Contact the Cleveland & Metz at (800) 397-7708. Puede contactarnos directamente por correo electrónico confidencial directo en nuestro Formulario de contacto y te contactaremos lo antes posible.