August 9, 2012

Reviews: Accident Attorneys and Workers Compensation Lawyers

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Reviews: Accident Attorneys and Workers Compensation Lawyers

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The Law Offices of Cleveland and Metz have been serving the Greater Inland Empire of California for over 30 years. Our California accident attorneys, workers compensation lawyers, and work injury attorneys have over 36 years of combined experience in litigation, investigation and settlement of work injury, work injury claims and accidents.Lawyer reviews for Cleveland & Metz

Our accident & work injury attorneys understand that bad things can happen to good people and more often than not were preventable and caused by negligence. Our accident attorneys have represented individuals like you in a number of cases from motorcycle accidents, dog bites, nursing home neglect or work injury.

A work injury & accident attorney from Cleveland & Metz will provide you with the necessary legal guidance, representation and information for your Cleveland-Metz-Review-Attorney–Abogado-1specific case. If you hire an accident lawyer from our firm you can rest assured their primary goal is to provide you with special, exceptional and personal attention at the highest quality.

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Read what our clients have to say about our accident attorneys and the services provided by the Law Office of Cleveland and Metz.

“I was fortunate to have Charles Cleveland as my attorney for a very long and rather nasty Workers Comp Yelp review Charles Clevelandcase. If I ever need a lawyer again, (I hope I never do) I will call him. His dedication to his cases are rare in this day and age. It was a pleasure working with him and he made the whole process bearable….I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He get 5 stars from me. Thank you”

–Barbara C. Upland Calif.

Lawyer Reviews AVVO John Metz

Attorney Reviews listed at AVVO for John Metz

“Dear Mr. Cleveland, thank you for speaking with me and handling my case. Also in speaking with your staff they were kind serious and professional. I was most favorably impressed. Thank you for the representation you provided me.”
— Tamera N., San Bernardino

“I wanted to thank you for the great job you did representing my father when he got hurt at work. The insurance company doctors were giving him the runaround and refusing to provide good treatment. Thanks for stepping in and getting the case on track and getting him his lifetime award.”
— Jason B., Fullerton

“Dear Mr. Cleveland, thanks for all you did for the last seven years working on my case and finally getting it resolved. It was a difficult time you help me get through and I truly appreciate it.
— Richard S., San Bernardino

“I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to you and your staff. You are truly wonderful and dedicated people.”
— Sylvia W., Rancho Cucamonga

“Thank you so very much. You guys are the best…”
— Richard M., Fontana

“Dear Mr. Metz, thanks for all your hard work and for helping me get through this difficult time. The settlement you got me saved us from losing our house, my family can’t thank you enough “
— Fernando S., Rialto

Lawyer Reviews AVVO Charles Cleveland

Lawyer Reviews listed at AVVO For Charles Cleveland

“Thanks for taking on my case. After my first lawyer messed it up you took it over and got it back on track. Thanks again Mr. Metz.”
— Steve P., Fontana

“I worked for a trucking company for 22 years when my back and my knees began to give out. My boss laid me off and the insurance company denied my claim. I hired Charles Cleveland and he got me medical treatment and got my case accepted. It took a while but my case finally settled and I am happy with the results.”
— Carlos S., Fontana

The company doctors and insurance company was giving me the runaround til I hired John Metz. He stepped in and got me a good doctor and a fair settlement.
— Steve G., San Bernardino

“Mr. Cleveland represented my Dad around 8 years ago so when I got hurt at work last year i called him to handle my case. He got me a good doctor who listened to me and went to court for me. We were both happy with him.”
— David R., Fontana

“I got hurt at work last year lifting a big box off a shelf. My boss didn’t want to send me to a doctor so I called Mr. Metz and he got me a good doctor and money while I was off work. He did a good job on my Lawyer review for Charles Clevelandcase.”
— C.L., Fontana

“I was injured on the job and hurt my back. My boss sent me to a clinic and that doctor sent me back to work even though I was in pain still. I was getting the run around by the insurance people and hired Cleveland & Metz. They sent me to a doctor who treated me and went to court and got me a good settlement.”
— Steve C., Ontario

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The specific purpose of this association is to improve the advocacy, promote the skill, and preserve the high standards of ethics of attorneys representing injured workers, and by extension to assist injured workers in obtaining full and just benefits under the workers compensation laws of the State of California.