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Call, write, email, facsimile your state legislature representative and urge them to vote no on AB 1309. This bill is going to open the door to the elimination of cumulative trauma claims. California recognizes cumulative trauma and repetitive motion claims and it is only one of nine states left in the US that recognize them due to the quest to eliminate them by anti-worker business interests.

California currently ranks 47th in benefits in our 50 states. In the last two reforms access to medical treatment  in insurance controlled medical provider networks is more difficult  every day and permanent disability has been substantially reduced through apportionment and a rigged  permanent disability rating schedule.

This bill is another attempt to strip away injured worker’s rights and open the door to eliminating continuous trauma claims and shifting the burden of these claims onto taxpayers. If this bill is successful, the NFL owners will no longer have to pay for medical treatment for these work-related injuries. What happens to these players when they have long-term   work-related cumulative trauma injuries that workers compensation does not cover?  The taxpayer picks up the tab and the owners escape liability for player injuries.Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.33.47 AM